Artist Series Pinhook Rye Whiskey
Artist Series Pinhook Rye Whiskey


Artist Series

No 1. — Accidental Marriage

  • Corn


  • Rye


  • Malted Barley


  • Proof


Whiskey is an inspiring muse and we see the process of distilling, blending and proofing as a true art form. The Artist Series celebrates the individuality and artistry of each bottling by commissioning an image by a renowned artist, inspired by the whiskey and the story of how it came to be.

The first release in the Artist Series, “Accidental Marriage,” was created by chance when two of our Rye True Single Barrels — each ‘betrothed’ to separate stores — were inadvertently blended together. We were about to chalk up the barrels to bad luck until we actually tasted the mix up. What started as disappointment quickly shifted to wide eyes and big grins. The most delicious accident in Pinhook’s history had just kicked off a brand new series of releases. We commissioned Kentucky-based artist Danica Novgorodoff to make an artwork inspired by this creation story; her evocative watercolor is featured on the label.