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Blended & Proofed to be Different

Bourbon: an American tradition honed over centuries to deliver reliably delicious results. But what if instead of aiming to replicate the same exact product year after year, we embraced each barrel’s natural variations to craft a unique whiskey every time, taking our inspiration from how winemakers create annual vintages?


That’s the question we set out to answer with our novel approach to whiskey-making. Every year, a new selection of barrels goes through multiple rounds of thoughtful blending and proofing to achieve the best possible whiskey, a balanced expression that does the American whiskey tradition proud while nudging it in new directions. Each vintage may vary slightly in proof and tasting notes, but a Pinhook pour is consistently excellent.

Brand Assets

For special requests, reach out to us at info@pinhookbourbon.com

Product Assets

Vertical Series Bourbon

Vertical Series Bourbon

High Proof Bourbon

High Proof Bourbon

Vertical Series Rye

Vertical Series Rye

Pinhook Vertical Series Bourbon Bottle

Vertical Series Bourbon

Pinhook Cask Strength Bourbon

Cask Strength Bourbon

Pinhook True Single Barrel Bourbon Bottle

True Single Barrel Bourbon

Pinhook True Single Barrel Rye Bottle

True Single Barrel Rye