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AUTHOR: Alex bausch

Batched Mint Julep

Batched Mint Julep

AUTHOR: Alex bausch


Batched Mint Julep
The Party Pleaser - and our batch recipe is truly one made for the party.

This is the best way to enjoy the julep with your friends. The preferred cocktail of many presidents also appeared in Gone with the Wind before becoming the official cocktail of the Derby in 1938. The partnership endured, and today no race-day party would be complete without it. We suggest these dishwasher safe stainless julep cups and using crushed pebble ice to keep with tradition - because some things just don’t need improvement. To maximize your time enjoying the juleps with friends, we recommend pre-batching the night before.

Batched Mint Julep

PREP TIME: 24 Hours
TOTAL TIME: Less than 2 minutes
YIELD: 20 glasses

For a Crowd


2 750ml bottles Pinhook Kentucky Straight Bourbon

6 oz Simple syrup

2 Bunches mint leaves

20 Mint sprigs, for garnish


01. 24 hours before your party, combine all bourbon and simple syrup in a container and stir.

02. Add one bunch of mint to each of the now-empty bourbon bottles.

03. Return the whiskey and sugar mixture to the bottles, then chill in the fridge overnight.

04. Store the excess for topping off throughout the party, or mix into a cocktail for a Derby Eve treat.

05. For the party: Place a mint sprig in each of the 20 cups next to a bucket of ice (crushed is classic) and the bottles containing the cocktails.

06. Encourage guests to grab a glass and pour a drink straight from the bottle!