Meet Breeze —

Your Pinhook Personal Shopper

Pinhook delivered to your door with a simple text, exclusive access to expressions that will never hit the shelves, and the newest releases, first.

Instant Gratification
Looking for a specific bottle? Realize you are almost out? Text Breeze, who will find the bottle(s), tell you the price and -- when you say YES -- place the order and arrange the shipping for you.
Gift It
Want to send Pinhook to a friend across the country or down the block? Just text Breeze -- they’ll take care of it.
Early Access
Eager to get your hands on the newest Pinhook release before anyone else? Breeze will send you a text every time, and give you first crack. All you have to say is YES.
Exclusive Releases
Want in on special series and small bottlings not available in stores? Yep -- Breeze will text you to let you in on the secret and ask if they should order for you, before they’re gone.

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"Another cool thing is that all Pinhook releases are available on Breeze before anywhere else, so if you’re impatient like me, you know where to go."

Chris Blatner


A breeze is one of the fastest workouts a thoroughbred runs in preparation for race day.  Their time is recorded, and -- with the date of the breeze -- reported as part of the stats that bettors can use to place wagers on the upcoming race.  Short and fast, breeze seemed a pretty perfect descriptor for what we were trying to give our fans with a personal shopping service via text. 

  • Does Pinhook Breeze cost anything?
  • Not at all. There is no fee to use Pinhook Breeze, however, your carrier’s standard data and messaging rates apply.
  • What if I want to stop getting texts from Breeze?
  • No problem. Just reply and let them know, or text STOP to 926-848.
  • When are the Breeze personal shoppers on duty?
  • Weekdays: 9am – 9pm CST Weekends: 11am – 8pm CST
  • How does this actually work?
  • A combination of human beings, artificial intelligence, and fairy dust.
  • How much is shipping?
  • It depends on the retailer and the geography. However, Breeze tries to work with retailers that charge $12 to $15 per bottle. Feel free to ask them how much the shipping will be, before you say YES.
  • How do you handle returns?
  • Because Breeze is working with independent retailers, the return policy and process will depend on where Breeze finds the bottle you’re looking for.
This will be fun. Let’s chat.