In serendipitous fashion, the final proof of this 12-year-old single barrel was 111.1 with 111 bottles available for sale.

Letterpressed labels have been applied, the bottles have been dipped in the black wax that adorned Bourbon Courage—our very first Pinhook release, and Barrel 20 has been packaged for pick up by our distributor. 

You can use this form to pledge a donation to the James Beard Foundation before June 15th at 12:00PM. Shortly after, the highest 111 pledges will receive a link to fulfill their pledge and purchase a bottle.

Our Panelists

Blake Riber

Founder of Bourbonr
and online spirits retailer, Seelbach’s

Carla Carlton

Managing Editor, Bourbon +; Author, Barrel Strength Bourbon

Clay Risen

Author and Deputy Op-Ed Editor, The New York Times

Fred Minnick

Editor-in-Chief, Bourbon +; Author, Bourbon Curator & Taster

Jordan Moskal

Co-Founder, Breaking Bourbon

Kenny Coleman

Executive Producer, Bourbon Pursuit

Peggy Noe Stevens

World’s First Female Master Bourbon Taster

Sean Josephs

Pinhook Co-Founder and Master Taster

Susan Reigler

Executive Bourbon Steward; Speaker, Author, Bourbon Authority